HDFC Bank - Parivartan StartUp Grants-2024

Selected Startup Under HDFC Bank – Parivartan StartUp Grants 2024 through the Aic-Adt Baramati Foundation

Brotos SoFood Pvt Ltd

SoFood Pvt. Ltd, a Mumbai-based startup, manufactures instant dehydrated sprouts and snacks using innovative SCD drying technology packed under the brand name “Brotos”. With a focus on minimal processing and promoting sprouted nutrition, SoFood introduces a nutritional snacking concept for consumers ensuring fair prices for millet and pulses growing farmers. while

Capsber AgriScience

Capsber Agriscience, based in Bangalore, provides Lab to Land innovative climate resilient biological solutions for sustainable & regenerative agriculture, bringing back nature to agriculture by reviving life in soil with bio-solutions. Hence decreasing chemical usage, reducing cultivation cost, eliminating health hazards of conventional farming, increasing residue free productivity and increasing farmers’ income sustainably.

Wingrow Market

Wingrow, a startup based in Pune, is committed to fostering fair trade opportunities for farmers by facilitating direct connections with urban consumers through their weekly markets. With the aid of Wingrow’s mobile app and Al platform, marginalized farmers and women’s self-help groups can directly engage with consumers, ensuring fair access to the market.

Climate Resilient Crop Development

Digital Agriculture Extension Services

Water Management & Conservation

Financial Inclusion and Microcredit

Access to Market & Fair Trade

Program Benifits

Seed Grant Support up to 10L

Peer-to-peer learning

Networking opportunities

Mentoring sessions

Demo Day

AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is on the lookout for promising Social Impact Startups in the Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Economy domain.

Thematic Area: Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Economy Opportunities/Problem Statements:

Access to Market and Fair Trade: Create platforms facilitating direct connections between farmers and markets, eliminating intermediaries, and ensuring fair trade practices

Financial Inclusion and Microcredit: Develop financial solutions tailored to the needs of rural farmers, including microcredit, insurance products, and investment opportunities.

Climate-Resilient Crop Development: Adoption and dissemination of climate-resilient crop varieties (millet) that withstand changing weather patterns, contributing to long-term food security.

Digital Agriculture Extension Services: Develop digital platforms providing agriculture extension services to rural farmers, including mobile apps, SMS-based advisories, and online resources.

Water Management and Conservation: Develop and implement technologies and practices for efficient irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting, and sustainable water use practices to address water scarcity challenges in rural areas.

If you are an entrepreneur making strides in these areas, we invite you to submit your applications and stand a chance to receive support through the HDFC Bank Parivartan SmartUp Grants Programme.:

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