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The incubation center is a hotbed of innovation, fostering creativity and nurturing groundbreaking ideas that shape the future.

Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) set up at AIC-ADT BARAMATI FOUNDATION with the support of Atal Innovation Mission NITI Aayog with the aim of serving as an active catalyst for the development of promising bentrepreneurs. It is a step to assist budding entrepreneurs in their start up journey and eventually create jobs and promote innovation ecosystem in rural area like Baramati. The current science and technology based entrepreneurship ecosystem needs innovative alternatives to mainstream venture investing models – a new category of risk underwriting which is not averse to extremely high early stage risk. We have carefully designed a 3-tier ecosystem architecture to nurture entrepreneurs and innovators through their lab to market journey. This architecture connects the innovation and investment ecosystems and allows for an effective mechanism for allocating resources to mission driven entrepreneurs. The architecture has been designed to drive convergence between the objectives of the entrepreneurs seeking financial and operational support and the providers of risk capital and technical expertise.

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My message to the Aspiring entrepreneurs is to take entrepreneurship as a career option because entrepreneurship is not a new thing in India. We have it in our genes. We just have to show the courage to take challenges. The government and corporate are now working together to promote entrepreneurship by helping in every possible way. so, to conclude I would like to say we as an Indian citizens have to play our roles to make a new india we are looking for

Ms. Jaya Tiwari


To solve the challenges of the society by empowering early-stage entrepreneurs and innovators through incubation and acceleration support with empathy and thoughtfulness.


To be a global support system for innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups creating an impact in the society through innovation.


Innovation must also be about helping our people and our organizations achieve their full potential through the shared pursuit of its six core values: capability, inclusivity, possibility, opportunity, sustainability and responsibility.


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