Associating with AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation under CSR activities


As per Section 135 of the Act, every company having net worth of rupees five hundred crore or more, or turnover of rupees one thousand crore or more or a net profit of rupees five crore or more during any financial year shall constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board (the “CSR Committee”) consisting of three or more directors, out of which at least one director shall be an independent director.

AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is a non-profit Section 8 company leading an Agri Business Incubator located within an academic organization Agriculture Development Trust Baramati, and hence eligible under Section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013. Corporates can support AIC-ADT startups through CSR donations and grants. Corporate can deploy their CSR funds towards supporting an innovative idea through AIC-ADT .
This site provides information for large Corporates who wish to associate AIC-ADT in executing CSR projects and plan their CSR expenditure as per Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013.

Eligibility and track record:

In brief, AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is eligible to receive funding support under Section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013 because:

● AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is a non-profit entity; it is registered as a Section 8 company

● AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation was incorporated in Sep 2018

● AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is an Agri-business incubator approved by the Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog, Govt. of India.

● AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation has been supported by funding from AIM-NITI AAYOG.

● AIC-ADT Baramati Foundation is located in the Agriculture Development Trust, Baramati campus which is an academic organization that awards KG to PG education from preschool to Ph.D. Degree.

 entities on eligibility and track record of AIC-ADT  as required under Section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013.

The following table provides detailed information for interested Corporate entities on eligibility and track record of AIC-ADT as required under Section 135, Schedule 7 of the Companies Act 2013.

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Companies Act 2013 [Dated 30 Aug 2013]

Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 [Dated 30 Aug 2013]

Schedule VII related to Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 [Dated 27 Feb 2014]

Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014 [GSR 129(E) dated 27 Feb 2014]

Incorporation information/ document

Approved technology business incubator by AIM-NITI AAYOG

Sector under Schedule VII

Example(s) of type of project

6[(ix) Contribution to incubators funded by Central Government or State Government or any agency or Public Sector Undertaking of Central Government or State Government, and contributions to public

funded Universities, Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), National Laboratories and Autonomous Bodies (established under the auspices of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), 7[Department of Biotechnology (DBT)], Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) engaged in conducting research in science, technology, engineering and medicine aimed at promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).]

Core activity of AIC-ADT BARAMATI FOUNDATION to nucleate and nurture Agriculture and Allied based ventures

✤ Prototyping Grants for Ideation stage startups

✤ Structured programs to support inventive enterprises

✤ Funding an accelerator program

✤ Funding Program Execution cost

✤ Startup Support Cost: Seed Funding as a Grant

✤ Capacity building programs for startup

Sectors in which CSR projects with AIC-ADT may be covered

✤ Contact AIC-ADT  to discuss and plan your CSR projects. We shall be happy to discuss over telephone or via in-person meetings. Contact information is provided.

✤ Kindly inform the AIC-ADT  of the priorities listed in your company’s CSR Policy. If you are still finalizing your CSR Policy, please consider including the following objectives in your CSR Policy


✤  Support the development and incubation of new and innovative technologies at technology incubators within academic organizations

✤ Support entrepreneurship skills development especially for technology incubation/advancement via inventive entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

✤ Support the public libraries focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.

✤ Support the creation of specialized facilities for technology incubation and thus enhance the innovation eco-system in academic organization

•  The AIC-ADT  team shall be happy to work with you to detail out the CSR project plan to meet the objectives of both your company and AIC-ADT

  • CSR funding can be of two types:
    • Contribution to the corpus: In this form of contribution, the company can fund a lasting and continuing program with potential for long lasting impact. This form of funding is suitable for creating/ supporting resource centers and organizational activity/initiatives. Here, the recipient only uses the income on the corpus towards its activities; the corpus remains an asset of the organization.
    • Project or program funding: In this form of contribution, the company can focus on focused, limited term projects with clear milestones.
  • For Corporates, the choice of projects typically depends upon:
    • The key objectives laid out in the CSR Policy of the company
    • The impact desired by the Company via its CSR program
    • The visibility the company seeks amongst its stake holders.
  • Please note that the CSR projects:
    • Cannot include the activities undertaken in pursuance of normal course of business of a company.
    • Cannot be exclusively for the benefit of employees of the company or their family members.
  • AIC-ADT  shall provide periodic reports on the following aspects to help the Corporate meet its annual reporting requirements under CSR rules.
    • Activities undertaken
    • Utilization of funds/ financial report against planned budget
    • Impact of activities undertaken against pre-decided impact metrics

AIC-ADT  is sensitive to the need of Corporates to project the impact and results of the CSR projects to the community and people at large as well as government stake holders. AIC-ADT  shall make every effort to publicize the support of the sponsors via its events, media etc. periodically

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