Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Agriculture

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Agriculture sector in India faces many challenges and has both explored and unexplored opportunities to grab with . India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs . As per 2018 , agriculture employed more than 50 % of the Indian work force and contributed 17-18 % to the country’s GDP . With the rapid onset of climate change , agriculture is facing a multiplicity of challenges namely deteriorating soil health , reducing productivity per acre , extreme floods and droughts etc. This however means that all of the above listed challenges bring with them the opportunity to disrupt the current practices to bring about positive change . To actualize this opportunity the youth of this nation need to be able to grasp , shape and harness the rapidly evolving technological advances in the agriculture and allied sectors . Youth need to be well acquainted with latest technologies in agriculture and allied sectors such as artificial intelligence , internet of things , controlled environment agriculture , genetic improvements in animals etc.

Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Agriculture

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India is one of the youngest countries in the world, where the proportion of the rural youth forms the majority share in India’s youth population. However, in recent years unemployment rates have been on the rise.

Agriculture and allied activities constitute the bulk of the rural economy, however, its dominance has been dwindling over the years. Moreover, drastic climatic changes such as extreme floods and droughts have brought in a plethora of challenges for Indian agriculture. Therefore, engaging youth in productive and sustainable agricultural activities will help India to reap the benefits of the demographic dividend and tackle climate change.

Shri. Nilesh Nalawade
Agri Fellowship Chief Coordinator's

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