AIC-ADT provides experts who shall mentor the incubatees and guide them with their experience & expertise. Our domain-oriented network of In house as well as industrial mentors will acknowledge and specify the challenges to be faced by the incubatees and provide them advice to overcome the same in their fields of expertise. Our mentoring Services are customized according to the needs of the Incubatee and therefore Its easy to understand and reflect in the incubatees operational performance. Our Mentors are/will:

  • Adaptable with all levels of Incubatees
  • Multilingual
  • Industry Experienced
  • Industry ExperiencedAccess you as an Entrepreneur
  • Help you set Milestones
  • Help you Ideate & Prototype
  • Help you in Value Creation

Finance Advisory

We provide you financial experts who help you administer and monitor the financial in and outs of your Startup in a sustainable. The experts also advice you on all policies related to finance and their utilization. Possible services through financial advisory at AIC-ADT:

  • Project Budgeting
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Calculation of Operational Costs & Working Capital
  • Preparation of Liquidity Flow
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  • Guidance on Taxation and related help
  • Invoicing Guidance
  • Preceding Year Financial Management & Forecast
  • Profit and Loss Statement

Business Advisory

With our Business Advisory experts we offer hands on or practical help and advice to support you in specific business areas that will help make a difference to your business.

  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Operations Management
  • Market Research
  • Product / Service Research
  • Technological Development & Innovation
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Logistical and Physical Distribution Management

Entrepreneurial Development

Through our specially designed process, we help you in improving the skills and knowledge of as an entrepreneurs through various training and classroom sessions. This process is designed in a way that help you cater to the demands of a good entrepreneur and take further your dream Startup

Our Services:

  • Investors Pitching Training
  • Business Communications Training
  • Business Presentation Training
  • Management Game
  • Interpersonal Communications Training
  • Interpersonal Relationship Management Training
  • Self Management Training
  • Business Model Development through Mind mapping Session
  • Problem Solving through Brain Storming Sessions

Networking and Investors Connect

AIC-ADT through its deep network of Investors and Stakeholders helps you identify your needs and connect with the right people who will help you progress in your business. This not only facilitates raising fundings for your business but also help you expand your startup across the country and internationally.


  • Business Expansion through customer/ market networking
  • Connecting with Investors
  • Connecting with Venture Capitalists
  • Connecting with Vendors
  • Connecting with supporting Stakeholders



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