Mr. Kabir Ulhas Patil

Executive Officer

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We supply a range of Fresh as well as processed vegetables, fruits, Baby foods, Diet Foods and a range of chemical and preservatives free ready to eat and drink items. We also supply certified Organic and Residue Free fresh and processed food items ranging from vegetables, fruits, spices, snacks and chocolates.
Incubated since: 2019 Sector: Agriculture Sub-sector: Foodtech

The Entrepreneur: Mr. Kabir Ulhas Patil

Being graduated from the Netherlands with specialization International Agribusiness and Trade returned to India with a vision of providing genuine chemical free food to Indian people thereby simultaneously helping farming achieve more profit through production of Residue Free and or Organic food. He developed an innovation and Farmers Participatory Supply chain for Chemical Free food produce focusing on the most important aspect of Certification of this Chemical Free Food

The Challenge

Potential hazards to consumers from contamination of food with pesticide residues, is currently a major public concern the world over. While pesticides and chemical fertilizers in agriculture are a necessity to control the pests and diseases and enhance crop yield, however their often unrestrained use largely due to inadequate monitoring by the relevant authorities, is posing a grave risk to consumers’ health and the environment. The Retail markets of India are flooding with so claimed organic products. However, these products lack certification and traceability. Secondly, there are not much certified organic inputs in the market. Further farmers are unaware about the use of the available organic inputs are they authenticity. Production of Organic or Reside free Foods demands different Package of agricultural Practises and therefore farmer often receive lesser success in production of Organic or Chemical Free foods.

The Solution

Indian farmer have previously tried to produce residue free foods. However, uncertainty of rates in the market, more damage by pest and diseases has discouraged the farmers. Biotrimantu and Foods Pvt Ltd. have established itself on the core problems of production of Organic or Residue Free foods and their market. Farmer will only produce organic if he receives a better price for it in the market. Biotrimantu and Foods has been working on these concepts. It provides crop based production consultancy to the farmers either individual or FPO’s for production of Organic and Residue Free food products. With help of digital platforms using Satellite imagining, and ground data collection it monitors the particular fields for use of any chemicals and it’s permitted range. Then it further connects such farms directly with either B2B or B2C customer. Before the product leaves the farms of Biotrimantu& Foods, it is certified through a NABL, APEDA, AGMARK, USFDA accredited Analytical Laboratory. This monitored and organized supply chain developed by Biotrimantu and Foods ensures guaranteed safe food to its consumers. Secondly, Biotrimantuand foods processed foods are made using innovative technology which enables them to avoid use of preservatives and other food grade chemicals during processing of their products. Thus, they also supply more natural, chemical and preservatives free processed products to their varied consumer groups.


  1. Supply of Safe and Chemical free food to its general consumers in affordable prices.
  2. Additional profit to the farming community from production of chemical free foods.
  3. Restricted or monitored use of chemicals results in reducing the harm caused to the nature during agricultural practises.
  4. Restricted or monitored use of chemicals results in reducing the harm caused to the nature during processing of food items.
  5. Promotion of chemical free farming among the farming community
  6. Enabling the customer to track and trace how the food items he purchases are produced.
  7. Creating awareness about use of digitization in agriculture among the farmers and its importance.
  8. Providing chemical free foods to customers enabling them to keep a healthy health and eliminating the use of chemicals in agricultural supply chain.
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