Mr. Mohan Lamb


Name of Start-up:



Cow Dung collecting Machine.

Incubated since:






The Entrepreneur:

Kalpik Agrotech LLp is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 24 May 2018. It is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai. Its total obligation of contribution is Rs. 5,000. Mohan (45) has studied up to 10th standard but is science and technology enthusiast with an interest in machines. He observes the problems faced by farmers and tries to solve them. Earlier, he developed an improved knapsack sprayer, for which he was awarded by NIF in its 7th National Biennial Award Function (2013).


The Challenge:

Traditionally, dung is collected being manually or by using hoe and a container. Now a day, it’s difficult to find labour to manage cow dungs in rural areas and the situation is worse in cities. Today’s younger generation is reluctant to get their hands dirty and the lack of tools or devices further compounds the problem.  Once during a visit to a dairy farm, Mohan observed the hesitation of labourers in picking and collecting cow dung by hand. While interacting with the dairy farmer, he came to know that there was always shortage of manpower due to the nature of work involved. In today`s scenario farmers are having hard time in maintaining the cow shed to clean the cow dung they have to spend more time or they have to hire workers for more money .


The Solution:

Mohan developed his first prototype in 2015, which got further modified based on the feedback till the final model developed in 2018. The cow dung collecting machine has a 0.5hp dc-geared motor, battery, picking and conveying trays, collector, caster wheels, etc. It can work with AC geared motor also. It has a working width of 45 cm and a capacity of 8 kg/min. It costs Rs. 15,000 (with battery).


Efficient manure handling from cleaning and collection through treatment, transfer and storage, reduces costs, improves the health of the herd and productivity of the farm. The use of machine reduces the back pain drudgery of users, helps in collecting dung in Gaushalas, dairy farms and also at roadsides without touching by hands, can also be used for collecting other unrequired material like sand, mud and other waste.


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