Mr. Prafulla Nehete

N – Tech Digital Pvt Ltd

Name of Start-up:

N – Tech Digital Pvt Ltd


The first mobile endoscopic unit for everyday Veterinary and Farm Animal Use. This unique and low cost gun is cost effective and user friendly.

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The Entrepreneur:

Mr.PrafullaNehete is third year student of B.Sc. Agriculture
stream.  He has developed a cost
effective Digital AI gun for increasing the conception rate in farm animals.
The device has been patented with

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The Challenge:

In India, mandatory equipment like digitally operated AI gun is much expensive and thus beyond reach of AI workers. The traditional semen insemination process lacks efficiency in disposition of semen, poor semen thawing, causes damage to uterus, and results in low success rate. The failure to deposit semen in right position is a common constraint of AI programs and a major limiting factor of reproductive performance by AI workers. Due to inexperience, mostly AI workers deposit semen outside the cervix which reduces the success ratio of technique resulting in lower conception rate in farm animals.

The Solution:

Mr.Prafulla has developed a new device called Digital and fold able size adjusting artificial Insemination Gun for farm animals, a substitute to the expensive AI gun, equally efficient and comparatively cheaper. It consists of an Insemination Gun attached to smart mobile camera (Endoscope). Using this device AI worker can observe the external opening of cervix and avoid any direct contact between the insemination sheath and the vaginal wall. It helps in the deposition of semen in right position. It took two years of R & D and many prototype tests to finalize the device. The gun makes it possible to carry out all the controls before and during the insemination.


This device can take photos during the insemination which you can save and share with your reproduction advisors, allowing you to make rapid decisions and improve the management of your herd. Use of this device increases the conception ratio of artificial insemination by over 70% and reduces the A.I. cost. It has been tested on Cow, Buffalo, Deer, Sheep and Goat. It is user friendly and portable.

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