Mr. Shubham Jadhav

Brazilina Agro Equipment Private Limited

Name of Start-up:

Brazilina Agro Equipment Private Limited


Calf Puller Machine.

Incubated since:






The Entrepreneur:

Mr. Shubham Jadhav

Final year Animal Husbandry Student, who designed the cost effective calf puller for problematic caw deliveries. He filed the design patent for his device.

DPIIT registration number:

The Challenge:

In most cases of dystocia during calving, the calf can be pulled by hand after correcting any abnormality of position. There are some instances, however, when a mechanical calf puller, or calf jack, is needed to pull a calf.

  • A live, viable beef calf,
  • The welfare of the cow,
  • Preservation of the dam’s reproductive soundness and her ability to breed back


The Solution:

Mr. Shubham Jadhav developed improved calving device which is simple in construction and easy to operate.  This invention relates to animal husbandry, and more particularly to devices for assisting delivery of calves. A main object of the invention is to provide a novel and improved calving device which is simple in construction, which is easy to operate, and with which pressure may be applied to a cow during pulling of its calf in a novel manner such that delivery of the calf is facilitated. This improved calving device which involves inexpensive components, which is sturdy in construction, which is easy to set up, and which provides pressure to the rump of the cow in a manner facilitating delivery of the calf and reducing the time required to extract the calf from the cow.



The puller can be a real lifesaver when the calf appears stuck at the hips (farmers refer to this as hiplock). The calving jack can cut out a lot of the pain and effort of the delivery process. When there is no enough manpower to handle the cow birth, calf jack is an excellent tool when used appropriately. For small scale cattle owners, one person or even a woman can handle the equipment. The equipment is cost-effective and user friendly.


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