Mr. Sumit Tated

SoFood Pvt. Ltd.

Name of Start-up:

SoFood  Pvt Ltd


SoFood Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up initiated by three young entrepreneurs, Amita ShahRishabh Chaudhary, and Sumit Tated. Born and raised in the district of Vidarbha, Sumit Tated, a Green Technologist & Chemical Engineer from ICT Mumbai, always aspired to work towards making a difference in rural and developing India.  Being a research student in Green Technology, he came across the idea of dehydrating sprouts which can be stored for long and can be instantly prepared later.





The Entrepreneur:

Mr. Sumit Tated 



Brotos are sun-dried sprouted pulses prepared using unique drying process to harness natural light, giving healthy, nutritious & easy-to-prepare sprouts for your everyday meals. One serving of meal provides 20% of the daily protein requirement and is super rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These sprouts are Gluten-free and Vegan too. Product is available on their own website, Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart, LBB, Seniority to name a few in the online market. It’s also available on shelves of Spencer’s retail chain & Haiko Supermarkets. The Startup have sold more than 20000 units last year. BROTOS Instant Sprouts having a shelf life of 6 months without any preservatives added and can be cooked in 5 minutes.


Direct Jobs Created:06 full-time employees



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